How to become a member?

  • Come to our regular Monday meeting
  • Talk to our Vice President Membership
  • Complete the application form
  • Pay membership and club fees
  • Receive your manuals and accesses
  • Enjoy your Toastmasters journey!

What are the membership fees?

We are a non-profit club, therefore, all of us contribute a monthly fee 290 CZK to cover the rent, refreshments during our meetings etc. We always pay our fees for 6 months in advance, which is 1740 CZK paid semi-annually.

Each new member also pays a one-time membership fee of 1000 CZK to our mother organization – Toastmasters International. This will cover your life-time membership in the organization including your first manuals and access to multiple educational resources.

Toastmasters International Membership
One-time fee of 1000 CZK
Covers lifelong membership
Access to educational materials
Club's Monthly Fee
Monthly fee of 290 CZK
Paid semi-annually for 6 months
Covers our club’s expenses
All fees can be paid to our account at FIO bank: 2101143755/2010 *

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