Public Speaking

Excel your skills when practicing in supportive & fun environment.


Develop outstanding leadership skills and become and inspiring leader.


Meet new people, exchange creative ideas with other professionals.


Benefit from a unique mentorship scheme. Learn from experts.

What is Prague Business Toastmasters?

We are a non-profit public speaking club which is part of Toastmasters International; the world leader in communication and leadership development.
  • Located in Prague, Czech Republic
  • We meet weekly and our meetings are held in English
  • We base our development on learning-by-doing concept
  • We focus on public speaking, communication and leadership
  • We target those skills needed for success in business environment
  • We organize and sponsor various events related to our mission

What can Toastmasters offer you?

  • Access to a unique and recognized program focused on communication and public speaking
  • Possibility to improve your public speaking skills in a positive and supportive atmosphere
  • The opportunity to express yourself while learning how to speak with true confidence
  • Experience in leadership development through training and club involvement
  • Unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth inside and outside the club
  • A free subscription to the monthly Toastmaster magazine on communication and leadership
  • Access to plentiful educational materials and resources to help you develop your skills
  • Tailored educational path (e.g. professional speaker, storytelling, speeches by management)
  • Regular and constructive feedback from others as you practice and improve
  • Well-established mentorship program to support your continuous growth
  • Opportunity to choose a mentor from the more experienced club members
  • Someone to share their experience with you and guide through the learning journey
  • Enjoy networking with variety of people who share the passion for development
  • Meet other entrepreneurs, professionals, lawyers, consultants, spokespeople, etc.
  • Come to exchange creative business ideas or simply make friends!

I joined Toastmasters to be a better speaker. My shy nature used to cause me many troubles. Toastmasters has exceeded my expectations. Not only I became an appreciated speaker in my company, but also found a place to have fun, get energized and inspired. I feel I am part of a worldwide family that helps you grow through the power of positive feedback. Foremost gift I got is CONFIDENCE. I know now that I am able to achieve my most ambitious dreams. Toastmasters is a life changer.

author-img - Clara Cismaru
Toastmasters since Mar 2012, former VP Education of PBT, former Area Governor

Prague Business Toastmasters is full of young, energetic, intelligent, ambitious people and then there is,…………………………! I love this club because it challenges me, I get feedback which although positive gets me out of my comfort zone. I am able develop my strengths including my mentee getting me a slot at TEDx Prague 2014!

A wonderful club to be a member of! Prague Business Toastmasters is the place to be!

author-img - Judi Challiner
Toastmasters since Jan 2007, holder of Advanced Communicator Gold, winner of multiple international speech contests

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